Online and One to One Psychotherapeutic Counselling

Welcome to CounSoul

 My name is David Clogg. I am a BACP and  UKCP Accredited Qualified Psychotherapeutic Counsellor.
I offer online therapy and one to one sessions at my practice based in Folkestone, Kent.

 “The curious paradox is that, on the rare occasions I am able to accept myself as I am, a change takes place.”

Carl Rogers, American Psychologist


Client References

Dave is an extremely empathetic and open-minded therapist. I come away from each session feeling like I’ve been deeply understood, seen and cared for. Dave makes the therapeutic space safe so that I can let my guard down, allowing me to be vulnerable enough to work on some very dark parts of my life. My session resonates with me far past the time we’ve spent together. Often I leave with very pragmatic ideas to put into practice in between sessions. What I love about Dave’s approach is that he gives me hope that really old, unhelpful patterns can be changed, reframed, and re-authored. If your looking for a trusted guide to help you uncover your real story and make a journey to a healthier place, take a chance on Dave - it’s time well spent!’

David is an extremely welcoming person who made me feel at ease from the moment he began speaking. He is extremely easy to open up and talk to and helps you see your life experiences and feelings from different perspectives. Dave is compassionate, open, honest and has a wonderful way of making our sessions feel meaningful and deep. He shows genuine interest in our therapy which certainly makes our sessions more meaningful. David has helped me a considerable amount in such a short space of time and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Approachability and objectivity were important to me and my needs in therapy; traits that David holds strongly and I have wholeheartedly benefited from our sessions. Being very easy to talk to, discussions with David are productive, soulful and gave me an alternate meaning to my life and the story I arrived with. He has a great sense of humour in the work coupled with a sense of genuine support and care.

David quickly put me at ease, was attentive, non-judgmental and provided a safe space to talk.

Professional References

Dave is a compassionate soul who holds boundaries to enable those in distress to gain ease and greater personal understanding. This is the foundation of his work. His knowledge of addiction, and experience of working with those who find themselves on the margins of society, has honed his innate ability to connect with the centre of each person. This skill has been developed and built on throughout his professional career. I have had the honour of working with Dave and watching his professional life flourish, he is a joy to work with, bringing humour and passion to everything he does. I frequently refer individuals with the knowledge that they are seen as exceptional human beings, listened to with intent and cared for within a safe environment.

If I was to describe Dave in two words they would probably be, genuine and a maverick.
Dave has a very finely tuned understanding of addiction and is able to hold space for another without judgement and with compassion. He is able to tolerate strong emotions in his clients and encourage the development of new ways of coping and being in the world.
Dave’s professionalism does not overshadow his humanness and what makes him truly special is that he is able to welcome and embrace every part of you and your story.
I would highly recommend him to anyone and especially those who may still feel sceptical about therapy.